Is North Korea's top military leader executed?
Is North Korea's top military leader executed?
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“One of the high-ranking officials recently executed in North Korea was Hwang Byung So, head of the North Korean Army's political bureau that has been rumored to have been under surveillance" Reported the German radio station ‘Deutschlandfunk’.

Deutschlandfunk added that another Kim Jung Un’s high deputy (Kim Won Hong, General Political Department (GPD) first deputy director) executed along with Hwang Byung So, was known to be involved in the past hydrogen bomb tests in North Korea, and is the reason why the sixth major nuclear test to be carried out in Spring was delayed in September.

A closed-door briefing on Nov.11.2017 by South Korea's National Intelligence Service (NIS) identified that Hwang Byung So and Kim Won Hong were severely disciplined, including expulsion from the party.


The South Korean press said that the NIS explained the inspection occurred because of an unspecified "impure" behavior and it is unclear how exactly they were punished. NIS report described it is unlikely that Hwang could have been purged.

General Hwang Byung-seo, believed to have occupied a position second to Kim himself and was involved in a brutal power struggle with a man named Choe Ryong Hae, the head of the political bureau 2014, has vanished from the public view for about three months It is rumored that he has been executed but it is the first time foreign news like ‘Deutschlandfunk’ have reported the news as stated above.


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